Our Key Therapeutic Areas

One of Dechra's four principal strategic objectives is Portfolio Focus, which is a major driver of our international growth. Portfolio Focus can simply be defined as maximising market penetration and market share, and therefore sales of our existing product range.

With over 400 product lines and more than 4,000 Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) it is important that we focus our sales and marketing efforts on key strategic therapy areas. This focus orientates around:

Companion AnimalsFood Producing AnimalsEquine
Anaesthetics and Analgesia
Nutrition and Diets
Water Soluble Powders
Poultry Vaccines
Locomotion (Lameness)
Anaesthetics and Analgesia

Dechra's ambition is to maintain our technical leadership positioning for the individual diseases and conditions we treat within the therapy areas that we cover. Although Dechra's overall share of the animal health market is small, we have become market leaders in many of these therapeutic areas. This is achieved through a number of routes:

  • In-field representative focus and technical excellence;
  • Educational programmes and seminars to practice groups;
  • Highly skilled technical, telephone based support teams who provide advice on difficult cases;
  • Online learning courses for both veterinarians and veterinary nurses;
  • Providing a comprehensive product range in each sector;
  • Networking and supporting the Key Opinion Leaders in these therapeutic areas;
  • Focused marketing campaigns; and
  • Strong advertising campaigns, examples of which can be seen on this page.

Approximately 90% of Dechra's revenues are generated from these key strategic therapy areas. It is important that we continue to maintain our market leading position and support the veterinary profession by continuing to deliver enhancements to our services and by continuing to invest and expand our product portfolio.