Dechra Veterinary Products International

The establishment of Dechra Veterinary Products International

During the current financial year we have reorganised our export business, appointing an experienced dedicated director, who has been tasked with creating critical mass in countries outside Europe and North America, with the long term aim to establish subsidiaries in these countries. The business has been renamed from Rest of World to Dechra Veterinary Products International (DVP International), and currently exports to over 50 countries worldwide accessed through a network of distribution partners.

In October 2016 Dechra acquired the trade and assets of Apex Laboratories Pty Ltd (Apex), a privately owned veterinary pharmaceutical company which manufactures, markets and sells branded non-proprietary prescription and other related companion animal products in Australia and New Zealand. This acquisition provides Dechra with direct access to the established and growing Australian companion animal product market which accounts for approximately 4.2 million dogs and approximately 3.3 million cats, a market in which Dechra operated through partners. Apex offers a base from which to support and build Dechra's expansion in the Australasian and Asian regions and provides a springboard for the expansion of DVP International.

To facilitate this growth:

  • We strongly believe that by respecting the cultural and environmental differences in our international markets we are able to engage better and understand our customers' needs. Therefore our initial activities have been to work with local government funded bodies to support access to the right people and places in specific markets. Once we have concluded our research, the execution of the findings will be critical with the appointment of key business development personnel, for example we have recruited an experienced animal health consultant in Latin America.
  • To support our international partners, the first and most important priority is to be able to supply them with high quality products when they are needed. The whole experience of placing an order through to receipt of the delivery is an opportunity to engage with our partners to ensure that we meet expectations. To get this right every time requires drive, energy and focus from our customer service team.
  • Our markets, wherever you are in the world, are dictated by a technical need for a medicinal product for which there could be several choices. To assist our partners in maintaining up to date technical knowledge about specific product benefits which meet their customers' needs best, we will provide technical personnel to support our commercial team.
  • We will also work closely with our global marketing team to enable our customers have access to the latest product information and communication tools. This includes giving our partners access to our training modules and their customers access to our valued online Academy modules.
  • One measure of success is that Dechra is recognised as an integral partner within our customers' business. Our economic engine, however, is to ensure we sell the right products to the right markets. Several of our food producing animal products are in highly competitive environments and therefore price is a major factor when it comes to convincing a customer to sell your range. To support this challenge, we are linking up our customer services and supply chain to achieve better forecasting and manufacturing efficiencies.
  • The life blood for our partners is to have new products and new stories to communicate and with our broad range of registered EU, US and Australian products it is imperative that we register more products to build a critical mass in a territory. We are therefore setting up a dedicated team of regulatory people who can accelerate our international development programme.


We are working on developing our market knowledge and business partnerships; the service we provide will attract new and motivate existing partners to drive business resulting in growth across major global markets.