Dechra's people are a core asset, and behind much of the Group's success in its 20 year history of growth and development. Below a group of employees, whose service longevity matches that of the Group, share their experiences of working at Dechra.

Q. What is your current role?

  • HR & Operations Manager, Dechra Veterinary Products UK & Ireland, UK.
  • Supply Planner, Denmark.
  • Supply Chain Sales and Operations Planning (EU & International), UK.
  • Executive Assistant to Chief Executive Officer & Chief Financial Officer, UK.
  • Quality Assurance Officer, UK.
  • PDRA Assistant, the Netherlands.
  • Finance Manager, Croatia.

Q. Would you recommend working at Dechra to other people?

  • Absolutely I would, the business is always offering new challenges and expanding; therefore, the opportunity to grow individually and learn new skills is extremely motivational.
  • Yes, it is an exciting working place. You are allowed to work in different areas and you are being listened to.
  • Yes, I would certainly recommend working in Dechra because all people with whom I am in contact are very collegiate, accessible, ready to help. It is a very pleasant working atmosphere.

Q. What is the best thing about working at Dechra?

  • Without doubt the culture, the team spirit and enjoyment.
  • The great colleagues and good relaxed atmosphere.
  • Being part of an ambitious company that is always evolving, never resting on its laurels.
  • The people and the culture are great.
  • For me, the people I work with every day make coming to work a pleasure. The work I have done over the past 20 years has been so varied, there is never any time to get bored in the job.
  • My colleagues and the good atmosphere in the department I currently work for (Product Development).

Q. Why have you continued to work at Dechra for the length of time you have?

  • Due to the fact that the work has not been the same for over 20 years, the Company is developing.
  • It's good to feel trusted and appreciated. I like the flexibility to balance work and home life, and it's a pleasure to work for an organisation that's going in the right direction and takes care of employees. I like what I do and enjoy my role immensely.

Q. How has Dechra changed over the past 20 years?

  • I think the first big acquisition had the biggest impact as this gave us such a great European footprint and allowed us to embrace new cultural experiences and this brought enormous growth for all.
  • Dechra has changed tremendously over the past 20 years from being quite UK centric in the early days to the truly international business it is today. The biggest change is coming from the establishment of a global network of Dechra offices with the local knowledge and skills to engage closely with our customers, supported by a robust Manufacturing & Supply Chain delivering the goods.
  • Bit of a cliché, but it really has been an incredible journey! From a UK veterinary wholesaler employing approximately 50 people in 1989 to a successful and respected international veterinary pharmaceutical business employing approximately 1,300 today; a real testament to the hard work of the whole Dechra team.
  • When I first started at Dechra 20 years ago there were only 45 people on the site, in one building and it felt like a family run business. Now there are over 200 people on the site spread across three buildings and it has a more corporate business feeling about it. We have also made several business acquisitions over the years and become a global company, which feels great to be a part of.
  • Dechra is becoming more and more a professional player in the veterinary market of the bigger companies. The biggest change in the past 20 years as far as I am concerned was the takeover of Eurovet.